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After receiving his JD from UCLA, Kislinger landed a job at Motown Records, a family business famous for Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye, which had recently moved to Hollywood from Detroit. Two years later he joined Pryor Cashman Sherman, a NYC law firm which had opened an office in Beverly Hills led by Michael Rosenfeld whose clients included The Eagles, The Who, and Joe Cocker with whom Kislinger toured.

An early client of Kislinger’s was Gerard McMahon aka Gerard McMann and G Tom Mac with whom he later founded Edge Artists Records which has released four G Tom Mac albums ( McMahon’s songs have appeared in more than 100 TV shows and movies and include “Cry Little Sister, the theme for “The Lost Boys”.

In addition, Kislinger has written the lyrics and McMahon the music for dozens of songs which have been recorded by McMahon and artists such as Roger Daltrey and Phoebe Snow including “Wicked Town”, “Drop Dead Pretty”, and “Was It Magic” for “Witchblade the Music”, an Edge Artists soundtrack with songs from and inspired by the TV series “Witchblade” ( McMahon’s performances of “Was It Magic” along with “Not Ready to Die” can be seen on YouTube.

Edge Artists also partnered with Warner Chappell Music Publishing to re-record classic songs in the Warner Chappell catalog for licensing for TV, movies, and commercials.

Kislinger and McMahon licensed their own catalog of songs to Telepictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, which has licensed them to various TV shows such as the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and for trailers for the CW including “Wicked Town” for its 2012 trailer promoting “The Arrow” TV show. Kislinger also penned lyrics to the song Killer Head which was featured in the soundtrack for the film Emerging Past.

Edge Songs Catalog

Various songs written by Kislinger can be found on the Edge Songs website.

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